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It’s an Experience

Retiring in South Africa is a bespoke service dedicated to retirees wanting an entirely new and affordable quality of life.

We provide a personal concierge service linked to retiring in South Africa. We are connected to local specialists who give you the gift of living your life just like you always planned. We take care of everything from; securing the right residency option, facilitating your finances through secure and regulated channels, connecting you with the experts in property, healthcare, connectivity, lifestyle and entertainment. All the services you need when relocating to a new country.

We listen, we act, and we create solutions that are all handled in a timely and professional manner, with the utmost care. Re-discover the luxury of time and a passion to retire under the African Sun. Come on holiday, stay a lifetime.

Our Objectives

To assist foreign retirees

to choose South Africa as a retirement destination

To assist foreign retirees

to relocate to South Africa

To assist foreign retirees

to live their best life in South Africa

Why Choose South Africa?

South Africa is a cultural melting pot, but we are an English speaking country with a rich heritage and appreciation for life. The climate is mild all year round with more summer months than winter, so long walks on our sun kissed beaches are a given! With affordable luxury, you can ‘live large’ in beautiful South Africa!

When you are looking to retire in a foreign country there are three key elements that should be no negotiables; Health Care; Lifestyle and Property. Let’s take a look at how South Africa can deliver and exceed expectations on these three key elements.

Why South Africa


As we age, access to medical facilities and treatment become increasingly important issues we need to consider. We’ll explain a little more about the South African healthcare landscape so that you can feel confident in the care you’ll receive if you need to seek medical attention.

The healthcare system in South Africa comprises the public sector (run by the government) and the private sector. Provincial health departments provide healthcare services, while the role of the national health department is to formulate policies and coordinate and support provincial departments in fulfilling their mandates.

There are more than 400 public hospitals and over 200 private hospitals in South Africa. Larger regional public hospitals are managed by the provincial health departments, with smaller hospitals and primary care clinics managed at a district level.

The private hospital market is dominated by three groups (Netcare, Mediclinic and Life Healthcare), which together control 75% of the market.

Just like in the UK, private healthcare in South Africa is expensive, which is why many people take out medical aid. There are a number of large medical aid providers in South Africa offering different schemes (with varying levels of cover) at different price points. For example, basic hospital plans will only cover you when you are admitted to hospital, while higher-end plans may pay for out-of-hospital expenses such as doctors, dentists, certain specialists and medication.

The main difference between medical aid and the UK’s medical insurance is that all medical aid schemes in South Africa are required by law to cover Prescribed Minimum Benefits. This is a list of medical conditions and situations (usually emergency or life-saving procedures) that medical aids are required to pay for.

We recommend that retirees to South Africa take out some form of medical aid. The plan you choose will depend on your unique circumstances, so it’s a good idea to conduct thorough research instead of signing up for the first plan you come across. Trying to understand all the options and information on medical aid schemes can be confusing, so it’s best to speak to a medical aid broker – Retire in South Africa can help you navigate this and put you in touch with the best medical brokers in order to ensure you get world class medical cover.

Why South Africa


The lifestyle in South Africa is one that is laid back and beautiful! With exquisite scenery and an unparalleled climate there is no reason to be cooped up indoors. From breath-taking beaches to nature trails, whale watching, shark cage diving, art and cultural expos, fine dining, yachting, fishing and so much more, you will be hard pressed to find a country that offers so many wonderful ways to spend your days.

The greatest part about retiring in South Africa is the possibility of living a very luxurious life at an even more affordable price. Coming from abroad, you will be able to experience the very best life has to offer in five star hotels, world class restaurants, beach side properties, lazy afternoons spent on majestic wine farms and priceless memories to be made. There really is no place quite like South Africa!

Why South Africa


If you’re like many UK pensioners, deciding to move to the sunny shores of South Africa for your retirement is an easy decision.

In South Africa, there is a strong culture of owning your home – both from an investment as well as a lifestyle perspective. However, South Africa also has a lively rental market, with retirement villages, flats, townhouses and a full range of other property types available.

If you are buying your property in cash (or if you should be able to pay the house off in your lifetime), your cost of living will be reduced significantly than if you were having to pay rent every month. A lower cost of living means that you can draw less money each year to cover your expenses. In turn, the less you draw down, the less tax you may be required to pay (depending on your situation).

The most important thing to do is to start thinking and talking about your ideal retirement living situation earlier rather than later as you plan your retirement to South Africa. This will give you time to incorporate the different factors in your funding planning to avoid disrupting your pension income due to unplanned expenditure.

Consult an experienced real estate professional in the area in which you want to live. They will be able to advise you on all your options, and their cost implications. Retire in South Africa will put you in touch with agents across the country who will be able to offer insight into your ideal property choice.

South Africa is a true gem, just waiting for you to discover all she has to offer. If you would like to consider Retiring to South Africa and living a luxurious lifestyle in a sublime setting with all the comforts of home, then please contact us, we would love to make your retirement dreams a reality!

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