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Retire2SA is the vision of 2 proud South Africans, 2 individuals who believe we can compete with the best destinations in the world. We are putting our time and resources behind making this a reality.

Jill Wilmans

Jill Wilmans has over 20 years’ experience promoting South Africa as an investment destination, understands the nuances of navigating exchange control for foreigners and is a successful female entrepreneur making waves in her industry.

Candice Magen

Candice Magen has redesigned the concept of service excellence when it comes to migration. Over 15 years of working with foreigners relocating to South Africa, understanding immigration law and working with the Department of Home Affairs to find solutions. A proud, female, South African business owner whose passion for our country should be bottled and sold.

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Retire2SA offers an annual magazine, website and social media channels that aim to aid retirees, looking for a new place to call home, with a comprehensive overview of what it will be like to live, travel and enjoy retirement in South Africa.