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Retire2SA is the vision of 2 proud South Africans, 2 individuals who believe we can compete with the best destinations in the world. We are putting our time and resources behind making this a reality.

Jill Wilmans

Jill Wilmans started her career working for an NPO and has spent the last 20 years working for various local and international corporates with a primary objective of promoting South Africa as an investment destination. Driving to change the narrative and increase our exposure to global opportunities.

For the past 10 years, she has lead a global branch of a massive global fintech company and now owns an entrepreneurial Financial Services Company that facilities international money transfers, navigates exchange control and brings foreigners into our beautiful country.

Creating local jobs is a primary goal for her and she has personally established over 50 new roles in the past 8 years. Jill currently sits on the executive committee of the South African Association of Treasury Advisors and acts as a mentor and motivator to many young South African entrepreneurs.

While she has many credible achievements on her CV, her greatest achievement will be in bringing foreign retirees into South Africa to create thousands of new jobs, introduce FDI into our country and help change the narrative of what South Africa is.

Candice Magen

Candice Magen is a South African registered Immigration Practitioner accredited by South African Forum for Immigration Practitioners an accreditation she received due to her impact in the industry . Candice has redesigned the concept of service excellence when it comes to migration. Over 15 years of working with foreigners relocating to South Africa, understanding immigration law and working with the Department of Home Affairs to find solutions. Candice started out her career in junior roles within a practitioner firm and even in the early years was pioneering changes in the Immigration legislation that are still written in law today. Over the last 15 years she has mentored and trained many of those who are leaders in the immigration field and remains one of the most respected and trusted Immigration Practitioners in SA.

Candice has been invited to give talks around South African Immigration legislation with SA investment teams such as the ANC Progressive Business forum, she has accompanied members of parliament to destinations all over the world to promote SA as a destination for investment.

Candice takes her commitment to the sovereignty of South Africa seriously and aims to drive much needed FDI to South Africa to alleviate the wealth disparity in South Africa.

A proud, female, South African business owner who has a passion for South Africa. With over 15 years working in, managing and owning an Immigration firm Candice feels she is uniquely position to assist retirees with navigating visa legislation and assist in providing illuminating advice around their relocation to South Africa.

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Retire2SA offers an annual magazine, website and social media channels that aim to aid retirees, looking for a new place to call home, with a comprehensive overview of what it will be like to live, travel and enjoy retirement in South Africa.